Stone Law Firm is pleased to announce that during the duration of the the virus pandemic, we will offer free Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy telephonic and zoom video consultations. This will allow potential clients to save their homes and cars from foreclosure and repossession in the comforts of their own home. Some of […]

Low cost chapter 7 bankruptcy fees for Columbia and Florence clients

Low cost and fees article by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone. In today’s economic environment, we all are looking for ways to save money. In prior blogs I have written about ways I am trying to help my clients save  upfront fees and costs when filing for Chapter 13. I also have ways for […]

Low upfront fees and costs Chapter 13 for Columbia bankruptcy cases

Low fees and cost  bankruptcy article by Columbia attorney Daniel Stone Starting this September, I will be offering my services for Chapter 13 cases at inexpensive upfont fees and costs for qualified cases. To qualify for reduced upfront legal fees, proof of twelve months of continuous full time employment plus consent to having your Chapter 13 […]

Florence bankruptcy – low up front fee and costs Chapter 13

Florence low upfront fee article written by bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone Florence, SC is a growing and vibrant city. If you currently live in Florence and are experiencing economic problems, feel free to call me at my Florence or Columbia office. I can offer free consultations to minimize any travel time or you can come meet me or […]

Low up front fee and costs for Lexington residents wanting to file Chapter 13

Low upfront fees and costs article written by Columbia, SC attorney Daniel Stone For most Lexington, SC residents, a short drive is all that is needed to get a free consultation at my office in Irmo. If you currently do not have transportation and you want to discuss Chapter 13 bankruptcy options, please call to set up […]

Affordable Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney for Spartanburg

Low cost Spartanburg, SC article written by bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone Spartanburg, SC  holds both the trustee hearings and bankruptcy court hearings for Spartanburg and Greenville residents. If you are currently living in Spartanburg, SC and are experiencing economic problems, feel free to call me at my Columbia office. Although I do not have a Spartanburg […]

How do I get a bankruptcy case number?

Many of my clients are harassed by creditors prior to filing for bankruptcy. These clients often want to know how fast they can get a bankruptcy case number because the creditors are harassing them for either a payment or confirmation that a bankruptcy has actually been filed. For my clients, the stress often brings confusion […]

How does a bankruptcy attorney get paid?

I get this question all the time- how does a bankruptcy attorney get paid? It is a good question because you would rightly assume that if someone has to file for bankruptcy, they most likely do not have a lot of money sitting around for filing fees. This is why I try to charge very […]

How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy costs very on a few factors. First, there is the filing fees that are paid to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. For Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the filing fee is $306.00 and for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases the filing fee is $281.00. Second, the legal fees for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in my office range from $1,000-$1,500 for normal, […]