Low upfront fees and costs Chapter 13 for Columbia bankruptcy cases

Low fees and cost  bankruptcy article by Columbia attorney Daniel Stone

Starting this September, I will be offering my services for Chapter 13 cases at inexpensive upfont fees and costs for qualified cases. To qualify for reduced upfront legal fees, proof of twelve months of continuous full time employment plus consent to having your Chapter 13 trustee payment paid through your employer. There are a few exceptions to the low upfront fees that include business cases, prior multiple bankruptcy filings, complex tax issues, cases filed on the eve of a foreclosure sale, and other complicated bankruptcy legal issues. Please call me to see if you qualify for a low upfront affordable Chapter 13 case. Consultations are free and can be done at my office or by phone. Additional Chapter 13 information can be found on additional Chapter 13 blogs on my site. One final note, I  can also be retained for as little as $100. This means you can tell your creditors you have an attorney while we work on getting your case prepared to be filed. Please note the case cannot be filed until all up front fees and costs are paid.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help debtors with all types of debts to include: foreclosure arrearages, threats of repossessions, credit card debts, medical bills, tax debts. child support arrearages, and finance loans.


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