Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

  The first question I am asked by a potential South Carolina bankruptcy client is which chapter is best for them – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Often, a potential client has done some preliminary research on the internet or they have some friends and family that have filed for bankruptcy before. While this […]

Can medical bills be wiped out in bankruptcy?

  Medical debt is becoming a nationwide problem. Almost everyone at some time or another has incurred a significant medical bill. In fact, Harvard University did a study where they concluded that over 50% of Americans who file for bankruptcy have significant medical debts. Fortunately, bankruptcy can wipe out or “discharge” all medical bills. Chapter […]

Can I file for bankruptcy even if current on credit card bills

  A significant number of my potential bankruptcy clients are current on their credit card payments.  I am often asked by my potential clients if they can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection even though they are current on their credit card bills. The answer is Yes. Actually it is better to file when you […]

Greenville bankruptcy attorney cost

  Greenville is an amazing city with a renovated downtown. If you currently live in Greenville and are experiencing economic problems, feel free to call me at my Columbia, Florence, or Greenville office. In addition, I have flexible  affordable payment plan options -especially for Chapter 13 cases or Chapter 7. In many cases if you have proof of […]

Chapter 13 bankruptcy benefits

  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be a very powerful tool to help a debtor save his or her assets while at the same time allowing a feasible plan to deal with the debtor’s debts. Below are some of the top tools a Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers. 1. You can protect non-exempt assets. Huh?  what does […]

Abogado de bancarrota en español

Stone Law Firm ahora ofrece servicios en español para bancarrota, esto incluye juicio de hipoteca ( foreclosure), evitar perder tu auto o camion (repossession), deudas personales, deudas medicas, llamadas de cobros, deudas de taxes o impuestos y podemos ayudarte modificando o reduciendo la mensualidad de tu hipoteca. Tambien ofrecemos servicios legales en español para clientes […]

Can foreclosure be stopped?

Can foreclosure be stopped in South Carolina? Foreclosure in South Carolina  is the legal process where a lender can repossess your home. Once they repossess your home they can then sell it to try to recover some of the debt owed. Once you default on your mortgage payments, your lender has the right to begin […]

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in SC

One of the toughest decisions a debtor is forced to make is rather to file a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While there are many benefits to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this blog explores the benefits to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in South Carolina districts. 1. You do not loose your assets. In […]

IRS Tax Debt and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy offers many debtors a remedy to wipe out IRS tax debts when all other remedies such as offers and compromise have been rejected. In addition, for many debtors, the bankruptcy remedy is superior to any other remedy. Bankruptcy IRS tax law is very complicated and requires significant consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. The basic […]

Credit card debt reduction tips

Most of us have some sort of credit card debt. Here are some good ideas on how to keep your credit card balances low: 1. Dining out.  Credit card debt experts warn that dining charges are one of the largest charges credit card users charge on a monthly basis. Simply cutting dining out or being […]