Top 5 Debt Blogs

As a bankruptcy attorney, one of my hobbies is looking for cool debt related websites. Years ago the only reliable site in my opinion for budgeting and debt was Dave Ramsey’s website. Now there is an explosion of cool sites to help consumers learn more about debt and budgeting issues.

Here are my Top 5 favorite debt sites:

1. Themimalists You thought Dave Ramsey would be number one?  Well, this shows how cool this Instagram site is. The site gets to the core as to why we accumulate stuff. If you have problems with the desire to want more and more things, you need to watch these videos. Even more than Dave Ramsey, thisthis site could help change the way you think about your assets and future buying habits.

2. Here we go! Yes, Dave is still near the top. His videos, books, and radio shows still remind us that we need to live below our means. Dave has helped thousands of consumers with credit card debts, medical bills, and foreclosure issues.

What I love most about Dave is he holds no punches and he tells the listeners the truth. The downside is Dave can rub some people the wrong way. If you need someone to help you with a budget and debt issues, Dave is your man.

3. If Dave Ramsey rubs you the wrong way, you will love this site. Anthony is a disciple of Dave Ramsey but he presents his debt related issues in a different style. Don’t get me wrong, Antony brings the heat but he also presents his blogs in a more friendly style.


Suze makes her way on the list at number four. Like Dave, Suze holds no punches and she can also rub some viewers the wrong way. But Suze is consistent and she her debt related books have been best sellers for years.


Rounding out the Top five is Clark Howard who has been around for years. I love Clark but he can be a little dry at times. That being said, Clark’s debt related videos are top notch.

- Stone Law Firm