Medical Debt Attorney


Falling behind on medical bills puts South Carolina residents in a difficult financial situation. There are many reasons why people have medical debts to include no medical Insurance, underinsured, or other reasons. In South Carolina, many medical providers and hospitals are aggressive in their attempts to collect on your medical bills to include collection calls, lawsuits, and seizing any potential tax refunds due. If you are faced with medical bills, you need to seek advice from a local bankruptcy attorney who can give you sdvice on your rights as a consumer. Our attorney Daniel Stone has successfully represented clients across the state of South Carolina defending their rights when facing daunting medical debts.

Medical collectors in South Carolina have many options to collect due to the GEAR Program. This is a statutory collection option for specific Medical facilities to seize South Carolina tax refunds in certain circumstances. In addition, some medical collections decide to file collection lawsuits. Harvard did a recent study and determined that medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy.

Hospitals and medical collectors can also report negative collections to the three major credit bureaus. However, it is my experience that only a portion of these collectors submit negative collections to the bureaus. Of the ones that do, usually they will usually only submit a negative report to one of the bureaus.

Finally, here at the Stone Law Firm we often hear some of the same medical debt questions to include :

Can medical debt be forgiven

Is medical debt negotiable

Is medical debt considered bad debt? 

How do you argue down medical bills?

What is the statute of limitations in South Carolina for medical debt?

Does Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge medical debt?

How is medical debt treated in a Chapter 13 plan?

We can answer the above questions and more via an in person or telephonic consult.

We serve clients all over South Carolina with office locations in Columbia, Florence, Charleston, Rock Hill and Greenville. If you are looking for an experienced medical collection defense attorney, contact us today to learn how we can help you fight medical collection calls.  Call (803) 389-0408 or request a free consultation via email.