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Generally, foreclosure starts in South Carolina when a person is not able to pay their monthly mortgage payments and their lender begins the process of reclaiming ownership of the property. Fortunately, the bank is not allowed to simply take the home back as soon you default on your loan. Instead, the bank must follow various legal steps in South Carolina in order to regain ownership. This process is called foreclosure.

How To Help Save Your Home From Foreclosure

If you are being foreclosed upon by your lender, we may be able to help stop the process by filing bankruptcy. If you file Chapter 7 you may be able to slow down the foreclosure process until your filing is complete. However, by filing Chapter 13 you may be able to save your home and stop the foreclosure process altogether by structuring a court-approved repayment plan.

How Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help Me Stop Foreclosure ?

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which may require you to sell your home to repay your creditors (if you have equity), Chapter 13 may allow you to keep your home and work out a repayment arrangement with your lender.

Some facts about including your home in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

Our attorney, Daniel Stone, is experienced in helping homeowners who are suffering through the foreclosure process. At Stone Law Firm, we understand how difficult foreclosure can be, and we will do everything legally possible to protect you and your family and provide a strong foreclosure defense.

In addition, Mr. Stone can contest a foreclosure complaint and try to work out settlements without filing bankruptcy. This is a foreclosure defense strategy by filing an Answer to the lender’s complaint.

Finally, here at the Stone Law Firm, we often hear some of the same foreclosure questions to include :


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How to Stop Foreclosure and save home 

We can answer the above questions and more via an in person or telephonic consult.

When you hire Stone Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing that the counsel you receive is backed by over 20 years of experience. Every foreclosure case we take is examined with care and great attention to detail, and we help clients find the solution that works best for their specific situation.

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