Florence bankruptcy – low up front fee and costs Chapter 13

Florence low upfront fee article written by bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone

Florence, SC is a growing and vibrant city. If you currently live in Florence and are experiencing economic problems, feel free to call me at my Florence or Columbia office. I can offer free consultations to minimize any travel time or you can come meet me or my paralegal Michelle in the Florence office. In addition, I have flexible payment plan options – especially for Chapter 13 cases for Florence residents. In many cases if you have proof of full time continuous employment for atleast the last 12 months and you agree to your trustee payment being paid directly from your pay check, I can  usually agree to a low up front affordable legal fees and costs. You will only be responsible for the filing fee and a reasonable  inexpensive legal fee. You will pay the rest of your legal fee through your Chapter 13 plan.  Please note there are some exceptions to the low upfront legal fees if you have prior bankruptcy filings, tax debts, business debts, or other complicated bankruptcy issues. Please feel free to call me to discuss if you qualify for a low upfront fee Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If you have an opportunity, please review some of my prior Chapter 13 bankruptcy blogs to see the types of debt problems that can be helped in a Chapter 13. In many cases, debt issues like foreclosures, repossession issues, credit card debts, medical bills, tax debts, and other types of debts can be solved in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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