New Chapter 13 filers need to get their 2013 taxes prepared

Chapter 13 bankruptcy article written by Columbia, SC and Florence attorney Daniel Stone

New Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers in 2014 need to have their 2013 tax returns prepared as soon as they receive their W-2 forms to comply with IRS and bankruptcy regulations and case law. I recommend to my clients so there will be no delay in the confirmation of their cases, to take their prepared (unfiled) tax return to the Strom Thurmond Building to be filed manually through the IRS. Take an additional copy with you to get stamped “RECEIVED”. This will allow you to provide proof to the Trustee and the Bankruptcy Court that your 2013 taxes have been filed.

Please note that failure to file your 2013 taxes before your confirmation hearing will either delay your confirmation or will lead to the dismissal of your case. You cannot wait until April 15th to file if you want your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case to be confirmed. The benefit to you will be that your taxes are done for the year and if you expect a refund, depending on if you owe the IRS for any prior years, you will get your refund faster!

- Stone Law Firm