Low cost chapter 7 bankruptcy fees for Columbia and Florence clients

Low cost and fees article by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone.

In today’s economic environment, we all are looking for ways to save money. In prior blogs I have written about ways I am trying to help my clients save  upfront fees and costs when filing for Chapter 13. I also have ways for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients to save on fees and costs. First, my overall fee is inexpensive and affordable. Please call me to get an exact quote. Second, you can retain my legal services for as little as $100.00. While you cannot file your case until the total filing and legal fees are paid, by retaining me, you can notify creditors that you have hired an attorney. In addition, we can begin working on your case. Finally, I look for ways to help save you money. For example, if your income is below a certain level, you can file a filing fee waiver with your Chapter 7 case which can save you over $300.00.

- Stone Law Firm