How do I get a bankruptcy case number?

Many of my clients are harassed by creditors prior to filing for bankruptcy. These clients often want to know how fast they can get a bankruptcy case number because the creditors are harassing them for either a payment or confirmation that a bankruptcy has actually been filed. For my clients, the stress often brings confusion and they sometimes think that they have a case number when they retain me. However, a case number is only generated by the bankruptcy court and this is not executed until the case is actually filed. To get a bankruptcy case filed, the client has to : provide all the required documentation requested, pay the filing and legal fees, complete the credit counseling certificate, and sign the bankruptcy schedules. Only after all these elements have been completed can the case been filed. Once the bankruptcy case has been filed electronically, a case number will be provided that the client can use to inform creditors of their filing. In addition, a date and time will be set up for the 341 or trustee hearing.

- Stone Law Firm