Greenville bankruptcy attorney cost


Greenville is an amazing city with a renovated downtown. If you currently live in Greenville and are experiencing economic problems, feel free to call me at my Columbia, Florence, or Greenville office. In addition, I have flexible  affordable payment plan options -especially for Chapter 13 cases or Chapter 7. In many cases if you have proof of fulltime continuous employment for atleast the last 12 months and you agree to your trustee payment being paid directly from your pay check, I can usually agree to accept a low cost upfront  legal fee to file your chapter 13 bankruptcy. You will only be responsible for the filing fee after paying a reasonable  inexpensive upfront legal fee.  The remaining legal fees will be paid through the Chapter 13 plan. Please note there are some exceptions to the low upfront fees such as substantial tax debts, multiple bankruptcy filings, and business related cases. Please set up a free consultation to see if your case can be filed for low or inexpensive upfront legal fees.

Greenville, SC is the location for the United States Bankruptcy Court in the upstate area of South Carolina. In addition, the Chapter 13 Trustee’s office for the upstate area is in Grenville. The Stone Law Firm has office space in Greenville to assist their bankruptcy and Met life Legal Plan clients.

Please review other Chapter 13 blogs on this site to see if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you. In many cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help save your house from foreclosure and cars from repossession. Chapter 13 can also help debtors with credit card debts, medical bills, tax debts, child support arrearages, finance loans, and other types of debts.

I can see you at my Greenville office or talk to you via zoom to discuss Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy options.

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