Florence Bankruptcy Attorney

If you currently live in Florence, SC and are experiencing debt issues such as foreclosure, repossessions, credit card debts, medical bills, IRS tax debts, finance loans, or other types of debts, please feel free to set up a free consultation at the Florence or Columbia office with attorney Daniel Stone. We also offer free phone and Skype consultations. The following is some information on the debts listed above that the Stone Law Firm and attorney Daniel Stone may be able to assist you with:

1. Foreclosure. Foreclosure can be a scary ordeal for anyone. Thankfully, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help debtors save their homes if other efforts such as loan modification, refinancing, or other debt relief avenues have not worked. In addition, debtors can still work with their mortgage lender in Chapter 13 bankruptcy to pursue a loan modification. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure process and allow the debtor to draft a Chapter 13 plan to pay back the arrearage over a 3-5 year time period. In addition, as I just wrote, the Debtor can continue his or her loan modification at a slower pace in the Chapter 13 due  to the protections bankruptcy offers debtors.

2. IRS Tax debt. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy offer debtors ways to cure or discharge IRS tax debts in ways that other debt solution avenues cannot. For example, bankruptcy can discharge or eliminate personal income tax debt if it is older than three years old and meets other requirements such as the tax return being filed. This is a huge benefit that even tax attorneys or accountants usually cannot negotiate with the IRS. To learn more about IRS tax options or the full three part test to eliminate stale income tax debt, please call to set up a free consultations.

3. Credit card and medical bills. We all have incurred credit card or medical  debt at some point. Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help discharge or eliminate credit card debt. In addition, if you for some reason you do not want to file for bankruptcy protection, attorney Stone can offer solutions on dealing with credit card debt outside bankruptcy.

- Stone Law Firm

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