New Bankruptcy Attorney

Stone Law Firm is excited to announce that Vaughan Perry has passed the SC Bar Exam and will be a new associate with our firm. Vaughan will handling bankruptcy clients for the Columbia and Greenville, SC markets. Vaughan has worked with our firm for over two years as a clerk. He is a graduate of […]

5 Student Debt Relief Programs You Need to Know About

If you’re among the 70 percent of American college graduates with student loan debt, chances are, you’d do just about anything to reduce the number of monthly payments. With student debt a growing problem, many Americans lose sleep over how they’re going to make this month’s payment, and grow increasingly frustrated with high interest rates. […]

Florence Bankruptcy Attorney

If you currently live in Florence, SC and are experiencing debt issues such as foreclosure, repossessions, credit card debts, medical bills, IRS tax debts, finance loans, or other types of debts, please feel free to set up a free consultation at the Florence or Columbia office with attorney Daniel Stone. We also offer free phone […]

5 Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt

It’s difficult enough to transition from college life to the real world without having to worry about a crushing amount of student debt. Yet right now there is a grand total of $1.3 billion dollars of student loan debt in the United States. The average college student graduated in 2016 owing $37,172. For many, that […]

South Carolina a great state for consumer protection

South Carolina is one of the few states that has laws to protect its residents from wage garnishment. In South Carolina, there are just three ways your wages can be garnished. 1. You owe the government money whether it be a student loan or delinquent taxes. 2. Child support. 3. You were residing in another […]


Article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone Below is the outline of the topics we covered in the seminar on September 5, 2013.  The topic of the seminar was – “Why should a debtor choose to file a Chapter 13 instead of a Chapter 7” 1. Mortgage arrearages 2. Car note or car […]

How do creditors collect in South Carolina?

Many of my clients come to my office due to a creditors’ efforts to collect on their debt. Let’s take a brief look at some of the ways creditors can collect on their debts in South Carolina. First, lets examine some basic guidelines that apply to collections for South Carolina. The first guideline is that […]

Student loan debt is a growing problem

The leading consumer bankruptcy attorney association (“NACBA”) had an article earlier this year that states that most bankruptcy lawyers are seeing an increase in the number of clients with student loan debts. The survey found that most of the bankruptcy attorneys had found an increase  between 25-50% of clients with student loans over the past few years. […]

Are student loans good loans?

Student loans have been helpful for millions of Americans. Yet they have also been a thorn for many Americans. How can you decide if a student loan is the right decision? First, treat a student loan as if it was a piece of property. Is the education you are pursuing going to allow you the […]

Student loan collection methods

Blog written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone I have previously written articles about student loans. Student loans are often one of the worst loans you can sign up for. Why do I say this? Unlike most unsecured loans you may sign for in your life, student loan debts will stay with you the […]