South Carolina a great state for consumer protection

South Carolina is one of the few states that has laws to protect its residents from wage garnishment. In South Carolina, there are just three ways your wages can be garnished.

1. You owe the government money whether it be a student loan or delinquent taxes.

2. Child support.

3. You were residing in another state when a debt collector obtained an order of garnishment and later moved to South Carolina.

If you are a South Carolinian, you can take solace in the fact that these collectors cannot not garnish any of your wages for consumer debt.

Debt collectors are infamous for their tactics to collect a debt. This could be calling your family members and friends to threatening legal action.  You, as a consumer in South Carolina, have rights. A debt collector cannot threaten you with wage garnishment and they know it. Still, there are those that will take the chance that you do not know your rights. Do not allow them to violate those rights. If you have ever been threatened or are threatened in the future with wage garnishment from a debt collector, you are advised to speak with an attorney.

Do not let them push you around. You live in a great state for consumer protection.

- Stone Law Firm