I was told from a creditor they can garnish my wages. Is that true?

Even though South Carolina does not have wage garnishment, this usually does not stop creditors from threatening wage garnishment on unsuspecting debtors. Why do they do this when they know they can’t garnish wages in South Carolina?  For one, not everyone knows this. If a creditor stationed in New York threatens someone in South Carolina over the phone that their wages will be garnished, the creditor knows that  a certain percentage of debtors will not know the law and will pay up. The second reason is pure laziness. Almost all collection agents know in the back of their mind that there is a few states that do not have wage garnishment. They just forget that South Carolina is one of them. This is where a consumer or bankruptcy attorney can help in letting you know all your rights in regards to collection agents. If you have a creditor threatening wage garnishment and/or possible lawsuits, please call me to set up a free consultation.

- Stone Law Firm