Will filing for bankruptcy haunt me in the future?

Article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone

On of the most popular questions I am asked as a bankruptcy attorney is if filing for bankruptcy will haunt the person in the future. In my experience, the bankruptcy is a net benefit and helps people get a fresh start. The benefits include discharging unsecured debts and in some cases wiping out taxes. However, you need to be prepared for questions in the future from employers or other people. Below is a list of questions, Dave Ramsey recommends that you be prepared for:

1. You should expect the question of bankruptcy to come up when relevant, such as when applying for work, especially in positions dealing with finances. So if you are applying for a banking position, be prepared to answer why you had to file and why you will not be in the same position again.

2.Prepare your answers before hand. Don’t be caught off guard by bankruptcy questions. For example, if the reason you had to file was for medical reasons, have a short response that details your medical problems and how they forced you in to bankruptcy. Not being prepared makes it sound like you didn’t give  a lot of thought into filing the bankruptcy.

3. Learn everything you can about finances and saving money. Be careful on who you select as your teachers. I recommend Dave Ramsey as a financial guru.



- Stone Law Firm