Will creditors stop calling me after I file for bankruptcy?

Yes, creditors will stop calling you after they are notified of your bankruptcy filing. The bankruptcy court mails notices to your creditors that a debtor has filed. Your attorney will notify creditors in Chapter 13  cases of the filing by serving each creditor a Chapter 13 Plan. In addition you or your attorney can call individual creditors with the Bankruptcy case number and date of filing. This is particularly helpful in cases where repossessions or foreclosures are being threatened.

Please note that for big companies it may take a little while before each department has notification of the filing. I recommend to my clients that they provide creditors with their bankruptcy case number and their attorney information. In addition write down the name of the person that contacted you. If the creditor calls you again, let me know immediately.

Every once in awhile, a stray creditor that feels like they do not have to adhere to federal law continues to make collection calls after the bankruptcy filing. In situations like this it maybe necessary to file a lawsuit in bankruptcy to stop the collection calls and to seek monetary damages.

We all have experienced threatening collection calls at some point. If are experiencing collection calls and you have overwhelming debt, feel free to call me to discuss bankruptcy and non bankruptcy options.


- Stone Law Firm