Will anyone find out about my bankruptcy?

Years ago, local newspapers used to list the names of local residents who had filed for bankruptcy. While newspapers still cover big profile filers or companies that effect the public, this archaic practice of trying to humiliate and embarrass people who had filed for bankruptcy has stopped. So can your friends and employers find out? First, let’s look at your friends. Unless your friend had access to internet search engines such as PACER, they will probably never find out unless you tell them. In regards to your employer, they will not know unless you tell them, they do periodic background checks, or you agree to a wage order in a Chapter 13. That being said, while for many people it can be embarrassing to have friends or employers discover you have filed, please understand that many of these same people have filed for bankruptcy themselves or are on the verge of filing. I cannot tell you the countless times that I have been in a social setting and the subject of my job comes up. Almost nine times out of ten, two or three people from the small group will come up to me later to ask if they qualify to file bankruptcy.

- Stone Law Firm