Who will know I filed for bankruptcy?

Many of my potential clients are scared to file for bankruptcy protection because they do not want anyone to know.  In years past, it was not uncommon for the local newspapers to list the names of local people who had filed for bankruptcy protection. This archaic system is no longer done in most states. That […]

Can I change to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone Many Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients at some point during their plan payments consider changing or “converting” to a Chapter 7 for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons include a loss of income or the debtor has decided to surrender a particular piece of property. […]

Will anyone find out about my bankruptcy?

Years ago, local newspapers used to list the names of local residents who had filed for bankruptcy. While newspapers still cover big profile filers or companies that effect the public, this archaic practice of trying to humiliate and embarrass people who had filed for bankruptcy has stopped. So can your friends and employers find out? […]