What is the cheapest bankruptcy credit counseling certificate?

My experience has been that consumerbankruptcycounseling.info offers one of the least exensive or cheapast bankruptcy credit counseling certificates at $5.00. That being said, all certified programs offering the credit counseling certificate offer free certificates for those who meet certain financial criteria. Don’t be afraid to ask!

The only downside to getting your certificate from the website above, is that they often take 2-3 days to email you the certificate. If you are an emergency and need a certificate right away, I would try cricketdebt.com. It is a good bit more expensive (approx $36.00)however, they will fax you the certificate within the same day in most cases.

Another new option is Start Fresh Today. They have package deals available for pre and post filing certificates. They can also do telephone and internet counseling. https://www.startfreshtoday.com/Consumer/Packages.aspx

One final note, I have a lot of potential clients tell me they have a certificate from a counseling program they completed a year ago. First, please note that any bankruptcy certificate is only good for 6 months. If 180 days has expired, the certificate is no longer valid. Second, the certificate has to come from an approved company by the UST. If they are just your run of the mill credit counseling company, they probably are not approved by the UST to provide official bankruptcy counseling certificates. The website above and cricketdebt.com are fully certified by the UST.

- Stone Law Firm