How long does the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process take?

The entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy  process from filing date to discharge date is approximately 4-5 months. There are a few variables that can extend the Chapter 7 bankruptcy period to include adversary proceedings and trustee/creditor actions. The beginning of a Chapter 7 begins with the electronic filing of the bankruptcy petition by your attorney. Usually within 30-35 days you will have a 341 creditor meeting at the Strom Thurmond building in Columbia. In most cases, no creditors appear at this hearing. After the hearing, the Chapter 7 process is usually uneventful other than the debtor signing reaffirmation agreements and finishing the financial management course. Please note that I recommend that once you receive your discharge Order from the bankruptcy court, make a few copies and keep them in a folder in case you need to show proof of your filing in the future.

- Stone Law Firm