Top eight ways to monitor your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan

Chapter 13 article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone

There are usually two reasons why Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans do not work – failure to pay or failure to submit a required a document such as a tax return to the Chapter 13 trustee. This blog is about ways in which you the individual can make sure your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan works.

1. First, stay in regular contact with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. This is especially true for the first 90 days until your case is confirmed by the Court.

2. Answer all correspondence from your bankruptcy attorney or by the Court/Trustee. If you get a letter from the Chapter 13 Trustee and you do not understand it, call me.

3. Monitor your case on the internet. The Chapter 13 Trustee has an internet site where you can monitor your case and view all your payments. The website is:

4. Address changes. Make sure your bankruptcy attorney and the Chapter 13 Trustee both know of any address changes or phone number changes. If we cannot contact you, your case could be in danger of being dismissed.

5. Employer changes. Make sure your bankruptcy attorney and Chapter 13 Trustee know of any employment changes – especially if you are on a wage order.

6. Monitor all your Chapter 13  trustee payments. You cannot miss any payments!

7. Complete your Financial Management course before your Chapter 13 plan is discharged.

8. Call your bankruptcy attorney if you are having financial problems and fall behind on your Chapter 13 plan payment or mortgage payments.


- Stone Law Firm