Procedural changes for current Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients

The Honorable Judge Waites just announced on August 24, 2012 some new procedural changes that could have an effect on current Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients that have William K. Stephenson as their trustee. The most significant change would be for motions to reconsider.  The old procedures required a hearing. The new procedures can avoid a hearing if: the debtor pays all outstanding trustee payments to the trustee in advance of the hearing, no party objects, and the court approves a consent order submitted by the debtor and trustee. Please note this new procedure only applies to debtors whose cases are before Judge Waites.

In addition, the court announced procedural changes for motions to extend of the automatic stay. motions to establish tax priority claims, and motions for relief of the co-debtor stay. These new changes can be viewed on the bankruptcy court’s website.

- Stone Law Firm