Top 5 reasons why bankruptcy is the best form of debt relief

Bankruptcy is the best form of debt relief for many reasons to include the following Top 5 reasons:

1. Unlike debt consolidation plans, Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out/discharges all your unsecured debt. Chapter 13 in most cases wipes all your unsecured debt at only a cost of a few pennies on the dollar.

2. Chapter 7 is usually a quick debt relief process (five months) compared to other forms of debt relief.

3. Bankruptcy not only eliminates your unsecured debts, you get the full protection of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to enforce your protections. No other debt relief plans offer this.

4. Chapter 7 does not require approval of your creditors.

5.Bankruptcy can discharge a full range of debts to include credit cards, medical bills, taxes, finance loans, and many other debts. There is no other type of debt relief program that compares

- Stone Law Firm