South Carolina a great state for consumer protection

South Carolina is one of the few states that has laws to protect its residents from wage garnishment. In South Carolina, there are just three ways your wages can be garnished. 1. You owe the government money whether it be a student loan or delinquent taxes. 2. Child support. 3. You were residing in another […]

What happens to my credit after bankruptcy ?

  One of the most common questions I get from potential clients is how bankruptcy will affect their credit score. For many of my clients the answer is easy because after months or even years of non-payment, their credit cannot get any lower. In these cases bankruptcy can have a tremendous impact because it wipes […]

Should I get a credit report prior to filing bankruptcy?

Credit report article written attorney Daniel Stone There is no formal requirement by the Bankruptcy Code that a debtor obtain a credit report prior to filing a bankruptcy. In fact, there are often many debts that are not reported to a credit reporting company such as Experian that a debtor still is obligated to list […]