Avoid foreclosure scams

Foreclosure article written by Columbia, SC attorney Daniel Stone

There has been a recent increase in the number of foreclosure scams across the country in the last few years. The reasons for the growth is primarily because of the rapid increase in foreclosures since 2007 and also due to vulnerability many homeowners see themselves in during foreclosures. What has been amazing is the different types of scams that have emerged in the last few years. HUD has a website page that warns homeowners about the scams and provided information on how to detect them. Please be very wary of any person that guarantees that they will get you a loan modification and prevent the foreclosure. Also be very careful about paying someone to help you do the loan modification. There are many reputable non-profit agencies available to help you with a loan modification and you might want to try this route first. My advice to my bankruptcy clients is constantly check the status of their loan modification packets. The people I see with the highest percentage of success with loan modifications are those that are constantly checking on the status.


- Stone Law Firm