5 tips for getting a loan modification during bankruptcy

Loan modification article written by Columbia, SC lawyer Daniel Stone Many of my  bankruptcy clients are actively seeking a loan modification. The following five (5)  tips are for those of you in bankruptcy that are seeking a loan modification. If you file bankruptcy with my office and need additional information on a loan modification, please read the […]

Avoid foreclosure scams

Foreclosure article written by Columbia, SC attorney Daniel Stone There has been a recent increase in the number of foreclosure scams across the country in the last few years. The reasons for the growth is primarily because of the rapid increase in foreclosures since 2007 and also due to vulnerability many homeowners see themselves in […]

What is a Chapter 13 341 Trustee hearing like?

What is a 341 Trustee hearing like?   For most people who file for bankruptcy, they never actually have to appear before a bankruptcy judge. The reason for this is that most issues are settled or resolved without having to go to bankruptcy court. However, all Debtors have to attend one 341 (Trustee) hearing. Here is […]

Are student loans discharged in bankruptcy?

Are student loans discharged in bankruptcy?  Let me provide a short history of student loans in bankruptcy before answering the question. Prior to 1976, student loans were dischargeable in bankruptcy. With the passage of the new bankruptcy code in 1978 this is more difficult. From 1979 to 1998, amendments were passed that made it even more […]