What is a 341 Trustee hearing like for a Chapter 7?

What is a 341 Trustee hearing like?   For most people who file for bankruptcy, they never actually have to appear before a bankruptcy judge. The reason for this is that most issues are settled or resolved without having to go to bankruptcy court. However, all Debtors have to attend one 341 (Trustee) hearing. Here is what to expect for hearings in Columbia. The hearings are always at the Strom Thurmond building – 5th Floor. It is difficult finding parking, so arrive early!  Once you are inside the building, you have to go through a short security clearance. Get off the elevator on the 5th floor and you will see a sign for the bankruptcy room. Go inside and take a seat until you see me. What do you need?  You need a valid driver’s license (cannot be expired) and a social security card (copies of either will not work).

What types of questions will I be asked?    Depending on the Trustee, you will be asked the following questions:

they will confirm your name and address

have you filed a bankruptcy before. If so, when and where

did you list all your assets and creditors ?

have your transferred any assets to anyone in the last 4 years?

do you have an obligation to pay child support or alimony?

have you filed all required tax returns?

is your car insured?

what do you think your house is worth and what source did you use to  determine that value?

where do you work?

do you have any annuities?

do have any potential legal claims against anyone?


ADDRESS OF THE STROM THURMOND BUILDING: 1835 Assembly St. Columbia, SC 29201


- Stone Law Firm