Top 5 things to expect from your 341 creditors Chapter 7 hearing

1. Your attorney will be there to get you prepared for your 341 creditors hearing. The earlier you can get there, the more time you will have to speak to your lawyer, hear other debtors being questioned, and time to get acquainted with the hearing room.

2.It will most likely be your only bankruptcy hearing you will attend.

3. Although it is unlikely any creditor will attend, prepare as if they will. The questions asked by the trustee are the same questions asked by your bankruptcy lawyer when you signed your petition.

4. Be prepared to answer questions on your assets, creditors, and income/expenses.

5. Most likely your question session with the trustee will only be 3-5 minutes. If you arrive early, you can see other people being asked similar questions from the trustee. There should be no reason for you to be surprised by any of the questions.

- Stone Law Firm