Foreclosure help with Bankruptcy

Unfortunately, many South Carolinians are experiencing either foreclosure or periods where they are falling behind on their mortgage payments. For many of these homeowners, finding solutions to their mortgage issues is paramount. Some possible solutions vary between loan modifications, refinancing, borrowing money from family members to catch up, and short-term forbearance agreements. For some people, […]

5 tips for getting a loan modification during bankruptcy

Loan modification article written by Columbia, SC lawyer Daniel Stone Many of my  bankruptcy clients are actively seeking a loan modification. The following five (5)  tips are for those of you in bankruptcy that are seeking a loan modification. If you file bankruptcy with my office and need additional information on a loan modification, please read the […]

Loan Modification Articles

I just found a great site for loan modification articles. The website has some great articles on how to apply for loan modifications before or during bankruptcy. Also, don’t forget about the SC HELP website that I have previously posted. Finally, here are some numbers for the major lenders if you are interested in obtaining […]

SC Homeownership and Employment Lending Program Figures

The South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program has listed their latest foreclosure figures for the quarter ending in June, 2012. The foreclosure  numbers show almost 1700 unique South Carolina borrowers seeking assistance from the program. In addition, almost 82% percent of applicants are below the median income guidelines. For many of my clients, this is […]

Can I Apply for a Loan Modification While I am in Bankruptcy?

Loan Modification article written by Columbia, SC attorney Daniel Stone Many of my clients are hesitant to file for bankruptcy to save their home from foreclosure because they have a pending loan modification that has not been approved. The good news is that with most mortgage lenders, you can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and […]

Stopping foreclosure through bankruptcy, loan modifications, or both

Foreclosure article written by South Carolina lawyer Daniel Stone One of the common questions I receive from clients is whether or not they should continue their loan modification packet or just file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the pending foreclosure? This is a tricky answer for most of my clients. Why?  It  depends on where […]

Can I save my home through bankruptcy after being served foreclosure?

Yes. In South Carolina, even after being served with foreclosure papers you can still file bankruptcy to stop your mortgage lender from selling your home at a foreclosure sale. In fact, after being served with foreclosure papers, you probably have anywhere from 3-6 months to save your home from being sold- even longer in some […]