Do I have to list all my creditors in my bankruptcy?

Article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone The answer to this question is a easy yes! The Bankruptcy Code requires that all debtors list all their creditors. This means that even if you have a particular credit card you like using, you still have to list it. You cannot pick and choose which […]

Do you have to list all your creditors in a bankruptcy?

Yes. You are required to list all your creditors to include your mortgage lenders and car loans….even if you are current. Failure to list all your credittors could put you in danger of losing your right to discharge your creditors. Sometimes people inadvertently leave off a creditor. Judge waites has a1995 case which states that […]

Can creditors garnish your wages in South Carolina?

Can creditors garnish your wages in South Carolina? The answer is NO with a few caveats. In most states, creditors can obtain a civil judgment against the debtor and then garnish their wages. In our sister state of Georgia, if you have failed to pay on your credit card, the credit card could obtain a […]