Is it expensive to file for bankruptcy?

Probably the most often asked question I have from a prospective client is how much does it cost to file for bankruptcy protection. While I can give a potential client some rough estimates, it is almost impossible to give an accurate quote until I have met the client and examined his or her complete financial situation.

Generally, though a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will cost approximately $3,000 plus the filing fees. However, in most cases I can put a substantial amount of the legal fees into the Chapter 13 plan payment. So unless you have a business, complicated legal issues,  multiple real estate properties, or coming up upon a deadline, I should be able to file your Chapter 13 for under $1500 (includes the filing fee). For a Chapter 7 the same principles above apply and I can generally file a case for  $1500 or a little less. In addition, you can also retain my law firm for as little as $200. This means that while you work on getting the remaining balance together, you can forward any collection calls to my office. Please note I cannot file the case until all the fees are paid ,but for many people this relieves some stress by allowing them to forward collection calls to me.

- Stone Law Firm