Documents Needed to File for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy requires a great deal of documents to be submitted to your attorney prior to filing. Here are some of the most important documents you will need to get:

1. Credit Counseling Certificate. You cannot even file the petition without this document!

2. Pay stubs. I need at least the last 12 months. In some cases I need the last six.

3. Tax returns. I need the last three years of tax returns to include the complete federal, state, and w-2 documents.

4. Completed bankruptcy questionnaire.

5. List of all creditors, their address, last four digits of account number, and balance.

6. County tax assessment and any recent appraisals.

7. 401(k) loan documents.

8. Detailed break down of unusual expenses or break down of non-filing spouses credit card expenses.

9. Completed business questionnaire.

- Stone Law Firm