Which is better to file – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?

  The first question I am asked by a potential South Carolina bankruptcy client is which chapter is best for them – Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Often, a potential client has done some preliminary research on the internet or they have some friends and family that have filed for bankruptcy before. While this […]

Ways to reduce medical debt

Article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone Unfortunately, medical debt is a major reason for people filing for bankruptcy protection in the United States. For many of my clients, there is no way around a major medical issue. But for some, either some pre-planning on medical insurance or learning how to negotiate with […]

Can bankruptcy help with medical debt?

  Article written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone Medical bills are one of the top reasons for individuals filing for bankruptcy in South Carolina and around the country. In fact, Harvard did a recent study in which they discovered medical reasons account for nearly two-thirds of all bankruptcy filings. Harvard Medical Study. The […]

Top 5 reasons why bankruptcy is the best form of debt relief

Bankruptcy is the best form of debt relief for many reasons to include the following Top 5 reasons: 1. Unlike debt consolidation plans, Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out/discharges all your unsecured debt. Chapter 13 in most cases wipes all your unsecured debt at only a cost of a few pennies on the dollar. 2. Chapter […]

Can I go to jail for not paying my debts?

I am often asked by my clients if they can be sent to jail for not paying their debts. While some may laugh   at such a question, the question is often asked because a local police officer serves a client a lawsuit or the client receives a letter from the sheriff’s office to contact […]

Common myths about filing bankruptcy

As  bankruptcy attorney, I often hear some of the same questions on why the potential client shouldn’t file bankruptcy. Here are some of the answers to debunk the myths to filing bankruptcy. Myth number 1. You cant file bankruptcy anymore. This myth is almost gone. After the bankruptcy law changes of 2005, there was a common […]

Benefits of bankruptcy compared to debt consolidation companies

The first benefit of filing bankruptcy compared to debt consolidation companies is that all unsecured creditors are wiped out in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In a debt consolidation program, you are only hoping that most of the credit card and medical creditors agree to reduce their balance. In most cases, the individual is still paying […]

Top Five ways to prevent having to file for Bankruptcy

1. Maintain adequate medical insurance. 2. Maintain longterm disability insurance. 3.  Maintain at all times a six to nine month nest egg of cash for emergencies. 4. Do not use credits cards. 5. Buy used, inexpensive cars instead of financing.


10. Finance loans (furniture as collateral). 9. Avoid a judgement. 8. Wipe out a car deficiency. 7. Wipe out a old home deficiency. 6. General unsecured debts. 5. Furniture loans. 4. Collections. 3.IRS  and state taxes. 2. Credit card debt. 1. Medical debt!

Medical care after filing for bankruptcy

Will medical providers such as hospitals continue to see me in the future if I file for bankruptcy?  I often have this question from my clients. Clients are scared that if they file bankruptcy and list their medical debts, they will not be able to use their local hospital or physician the next time they […]