How do creditors collect in South Carolina?

Many of my clients come to my office due to a creditors’ efforts to collect on their debt. Let’s take a brief look at some of the ways creditors can collect on their debts in South Carolina. First, lets examine some basic guidelines that apply to collections for South Carolina. The first guideline is that […]

What if I Get a Judgment Against Me Prior to Filing for Bankruptcy?

Sometimes I have a client rush to my office because they have a pending lawsuit and they want to file for bankruptcy before the creditor files a judgment. In most circumstances, I highly advise clients to file the bankruptcy before the creditor file a civil judgment. The reason for this is that even though your […]

Can my judgment be wiped out through the bankruptcy?

Yes. In most circumstances, even if your creditor obtained a civil judgment lawsuit against you (this is where credit card and medical creditors obtain judgments), you can still file a judicial lien avoid motion with your bankruptcy. Even if you have some equity in your home, in most South Carolina bankruptcy cases, your attorney will be […]

Can creditors garnish your wages in South Carolina?

Can creditors garnish your wages in South Carolina? The answer is NO with a few caveats. In most states, creditors can obtain a civil judgment against the debtor and then garnish their wages. In our sister state of Georgia, if you have failed to pay on your credit card, the credit card could obtain a […]