Lexington Medical Center is causing patients to file for bankruptcy

Lexington Medical Center blog written by Columbia bankruptcy attorney Daniel Stone It has become common knowledge among local bankruptcy practitioners in Columbia, SC that Lexington Medical Center is causing patients to file for bankruptcy. While few would dispute a hospital getting paid, Lexington Medical Center has become one of the most aggressive hospitals in South […]

Student loan collection methods

Blog written by Columbia, SC bankruptcy lawyer Daniel Stone I have previously written articles about student loans. Student loans are often one of the worst loans you can sign up for. Why do I say this? Unlike most unsecured loans you may sign for in your life, student loan debts will stay with you the […]

How bankruptcy can help with tax debt

Tax debt article written by Columbia lawyer Daniel Stone Bankruptcy can be very beneficial to debtors seeking tax relief. Depending on the type of tax debt and age of the debt, bankruptcy can be very helpful. The most significant gains can be seen with federal and state income taxes older than three-years-old. If the income […]