5 tips for getting a loan modification during bankruptcy

Loan modification article written by Columbia, SC lawyer Daniel Stone Many of my  bankruptcy clients are actively seeking a loan modification. The following five (5)  tips are for those of you in bankruptcy that are seeking a loan modification. If you file bankruptcy with my office and need additional information on a loan modification, please read the […]

USC law school graduate Suzanna Maclean helps Stone Law Firm with brief

I would could like to thank Suzanna Maclean for her help in a recent bankruptcy case. The Chapter 13 Trustee filed an objection in a recent case based upon the Trustee’s opinion that the debtor could afford a higher payment. The specific legal issue will be a first impression before the court. Ms. Maclean spent countless […]

How can bankruptcy help with child support arrearages?

Most of my clients with child support obligations know that bankruptcy will not wipe away their obligation to pay their child support obligation. However, not everyone knows that Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows a debtor to pay back child support arrearages in their plan payment over a five-year-period. This can be very helpful to a debtor who […]

What is a Chapter 13 341 Trustee hearing like?

What is a 341 Trustee hearing like?   For most people who file for bankruptcy, they never actually have to appear before a bankruptcy judge. The reason for this is that most issues are settled or resolved without having to go to bankruptcy court. However, all Debtors have to attend one 341 (Trustee) hearing. Here is […]