Should I consent to a Wage Order in my Chapter 13 Plan?

Wage Orders are an excellent way for Debtors in Chapter 13 to pay their monthly Chapter 13 Plan payment. Please note that in cases where Debtors are employed, I highly highly highly recommend this. The reason is that stastistics show that you have a better chance of success in a Chapter 13 if you submit to a wage order. Sometimes a wage order is not possible or you may be fearful of work repercussions. In this case, both trustees will most likely allow you tom make the payment on your own. However, you will have to agree that if you ever fall behind on your payments, they can either dismiss your case or put you on a wage order.

Please note that even if you agree to a wage order at the beginning of a case, it is your responsibility to make sure the payments are coming out of your check. If it is taking sometime for the process to  start, you will need to make the Trustee payment until it begins. In addition, if you are behind on payments before your case is confirmed, the Court could refuse to confirm your case even though you have agreed to a wage order.

- Stone Law Firm