Scammers Target Bankruptcy Filers

If you have recently filed for bankruptcy or are in the process of filing, be aware of bankruptcy scammers. There have been numerous reports in several states of bankruptcy filers being targeted by phone scammers. They are using personal information from the filings to call and pose as an attorney to get their intended victims to wire money to satisfy a debt.

A warning was issued by The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys stating that bankruptcy attorney’s office would never call a client and ask for an immediate wire transfer to satisfy a debt and threaten arrest if the debt isn’t paid.

Scammers like to use software to “spoof” the Caller ID system so the call appears to be coming from the consumer’s bankruptcy attorney. Mostly the calls will come during non-business hours to make it difficult for intended victims to verify the call by contacting their attorney.

If you receive this kind of call do not give any information, personal or financial, to the caller. We recommend that you hang up and contact your bankruptcy attorney.

- Stone Law Firm