10 Traits to Look for When Hiring a Debt Lawyer

The average debt in the U.S. has increased 11% over the past ten years to a staggering $134,643. It is no surprise that many people feel like they need assistance when overcoming these financial burdens. A good debt lawyer can help guide you down the right path.

It is important to know what traits to look for when seeking an attorney to help you with your finances. Once you understand what to look for you can make an educated decision and find someone that is perfect for you and your situation.

Let’s dive in and look at the top 10 traits you should consider the next time you want to hire a debt lawyer.

10. They Understand the Law

While it is unreasonable to except every attorney to know every law off the top of their head, it’s not unreasonable to expect your lawyer to have legal knowledge. Your potential attorney should have the ability to tell you whether they are taking any legal classes or courses.

A good debt lawyer — well, any lawyer in general — will continue to take classes and learn more about the law as they progress in their career. The additional knowledge only makes them more valuable.

If you start asking them legal questions and they seem confused or flustered, it may be time to move on to someone with more experience.

9. They Won’t Leave You in the Dark

When we say “leave you in the dark,” we simply mean that they are transparent with you throughout the entire legal process. As you guys work together to resolve your financial issues, you should know what he or she is doing to help you.

Don’t settle for vague or nonsensical answers. You deserve to have an attorney who will shoot straight with you and tell you exactly what they are doing to help you.

Much like the legal questions, make sure to ask your potential attorney basic questions. They should have easy to understand answers that don’t leave you with more questions than you had when you started.

8. They Have Experience

It might seem simple, but many people don’t check on the experience of the lawyer they are going to hire. Regardless of who you are hiring, you want to make sure that they know what they are doing. Why wouldn’t you do the same with an attorney?

This point is especially true if you want a debt lawyer to help you alleviate your financial issues. Your pick should know what they are doing when it comes to minimizing debt. Plus, you need to make sure the attorney in question has experience in debt law as opposed to marriage law.

7. They Offer Documentation

Another good trait to look for is someone who documents EVERYTHING. They should have a file with your name on it, and they should allow you access to anything you need — within legal limits.

The ability to keep and hold documents is an important one. When your attorney is working with companies to bring down your debt, they need to be able to quickly access the files that you gave them, as well as their own notes.

On the flip side, if you need to provide documentation to a company you should be able to easily get this information from a receptionist at the law firm.

6. They Have Time for You

You often hear people say that time equals money. Your lawyer is in the business of making money, but he needs to be able to slow down sometimes and give you and your case personal attention.

If he or she is talking fast and seems to want to push through your meeting so they can move on with their day, this isn’t a good sign. You need someone who is going to take the time to work on your case and get to know you personally.

Another rule of thumb is if you set up multiple meetings and they are not able to meet your availability it may be time to move on.

5. They are Reasonably Priced

Obviously, if you need a debt lawyer, you are having an issue paying credit cards, student loans, mortgages, etc. Adding another monthly fee can seem daunting at first.

However, your attorney is reasonably priced and effective their price is going to be well worth it. Think of it this way. If you go from paying 1200 dollars a month in debt, down to 500 a month including legal fees — you’re doing okay.

Saving over half the cost, you would normally pay? Now that’s reasonable.

4. They are Approachable

You may want to make the jump on the first lawyer you find. While that seems practical, it might help to have a meeting with them first and hold an actual conversation. The point of this interaction is to find out if they are approachable.

It’s important that your potential debt lawyer is approachable because you are going to be talking to him or her about personal information. If you have no connection, or the lawyer seems stern and uncaring, it’s challenging to relay information, especially information that is so sensitive.

3. They are Passionate

We have all talked to someone who used to feel passion for what they do and at some point, it was lost. You do not need an attorney who is lifelessly going through the motions.

In other words, you want someone who is EAGER to help people solve their issues. When you are explaining your situation to the attorney he or she should make eye contact, talk to you, explain that they are here to help and have a serious desire to help resolve your debt problems.

2. They are Certified

You should make it a point to ask any potential lawyer a couple of questions. Find out where they went to school, how long their firm has been open, and where they keep their formal certification mounted.

This information is vital because you want to make sure that you are working with a reputable law firm. If they are uneasy about telling you about their certification or where they went to school — proceed with caution.

1. They Have a Good Record

Finally, look at their website or ask around. Speak with people who have experience with this lawyer and see if they have a good record. They should have positive reviews where people have had success with them as individuals, and with their cases.

Reviews can tell you a lot. If you are unsure whether or not someone is up to your standards get online and see what other people are saying. if there seems to be a positive trend the chances are that this debt lawyer is the real deal!

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