Navigating Joint Debt and Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy in Columbia, SC can be a complex process, but an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help. At the Stone Law Firm, we have been providing top-quality bankruptcy services to Columbia residents for many years. Our bankruptcy lawyer specializes in debt resolution cases and can assist with simple or complex bankruptcy filings.

One special circumstance that can complicate bankruptcy is joint debt. Joint debt is any debt that you share with at least one other person, such as a spouse or business partner. All parties involved in joint debt share the same legal responsibility for it. This type of debt is common for large purchases such as a home, vehicle, or business in Columbia, SC.

If you have joint debt, it is important to disclose this to your Columbia bankruptcy attorney. When you file for bankruptcy, the individuals you hold the joint debt with will become responsible for paying it back. Our bankruptcy attorney can advise you on the options you have given your specific joint debt situation in Columbia, SC.

Contact the Stone Law Firm to schedule a consultation and get the expert guidance you need to navigate the bankruptcy process in Columbia, SC. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients find relief from overwhelming debt and start fresh.

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