Foreclosure Assistance Through Bankruptcy

The Stone Law Firm can help you save your home from foreclosure in most circumstances if other avenues have failed such as loan modifications. In addition, the Stone Law Firm has experienced that many of his clients that were denied loan modifications prior to filing bankruptcy, were later offered loan modifications after they filed. By no means am I saying to potential clients that they should file bankruptcy in order to have a loan modification approved. That being said, for some of my clients, they are able to get the benefits of bankruptcy and the loan modification.

How Long Do You Have To Save Your Home From Foreclusure?

In South Carolina, you have until the house is sold at foreclosure. Since my office files electronically, I literally can save your home from foreclosure by filing your case the morning of the sale. While you wouldn’t want to wait this long, it is good to know that your house can be saved even up to the last hour. In limited circumstances, your house can even be saved even after the sale if the mortgage lender is seeking a deficiency judgment.

Can My House be Sold Even if I'm Wording on a Loan Modification?

Yes, I see many homes sold at foreclosure when the individual was still working on a loan modification. My clients come into my office surprised that the house was sold when they were told their loan modification is being processed. The reason for this is that mortgage lenders do not usually stop the foreclosure process once it starts. This is why bankruptcy can be a great tool in stopping foreclosure sales to give you additional time to work on your loan modification.

What Days do Foreclosure Sales Take Place in South Carolina?

Normally, foreclosure sales take place the first Monday of each month. Please note that this does not apply to every mortgage. In addition, holidays can change the date of sale. To be safe, call the mortgage lender’s attorney or the Master in Equity in the County you live in to determine the sale date.


The Stone Law Firm can also assist debtors with cars that have been recently repossessed (usually within 10 days) with getting their car back. Please click on the the Repossession icon above to read more information concerning repossessions and bankruptcy.